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Best clothing for children with eczema

Best clothing for children with eczema

When you have little one with eczema or sensitive skin, the clothing you dress them in can make a huge difference to how well controlled their eczema is. It may come as absolutely no surprise to you all that I am going to talk about the benefits of cotton on sensitive and eczema prone skin. I also have included a few amazing eczema specific clothing items which have been essential in helping me manage my kiddies eczema.

Cotton Clothing…. what’s the big deal?

You always hear people saying, “eczema prone skin needs to be kept cool”, when sensitiveorganic cotton onesies
 skin is all wrapped up in synthetic fabrics such a nylon or polyester it cause the skin to
overheat and sweat. Which create the perfect enviroment for eczema to flare and infections to start!

This is when sensitive and eczema prone skin will over heat and eczema will flare.

These synthetic fabrics are chemically produced and the chemicals can be absorbed through your little ones skin, particularly if the skin is open, which is common place for some babies suffering irritated skin.

Unfortunately, not all cotton is created equal and often cotton is produced using potentially harmful pesticide and other chemicals, which can have a harmful effect on sensitive skin.

GOT’s certified organic cotton is absolutely the best option for all of us but especially for someone living with eczema. Organic cotton is in higher demand these days meaning that designers and manufacturers are producing more and more clothing using it - which in turn is lowering the cost greatly!


Scratch Sleeves.

scratch sleeves for children with eczemaTrust me when I tell you I have searched high and low for the very best children’s clothing
with built in mittens! I have done every Google search possible and tried every option available.

Once your child it older than 3 months it is virtually impossible to keep mittens on them that are not inbuilt into their clothing!

The idea behind the mittens is simple – they gives your child’s skin a chance to heal by keeping little fingers away, stopping the scratching. 

Ideally, the mitten sleeves or scratch sleeves you choose for your child should be flexible enough for them to use during the day without interfering with their playtime and comfortable enough for them to sleep in, not to mention made from organic cotton!

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Tubi-fast garments

Tubi-fast garments are specially made for wet and dry wrapping or dressing in the treatmenttubi fast garment for wet wrapping of severe eczema and they are so much easier to use than loose bandages. 

These tubifast garments make wrapping quick and simple, which is highly desirable where wriggly babies and small children are concerned!

They come with hand mittens and enclosed feet and have flat seams prevent further skin irritation.

These are really ideal when your bubba's eczema flares, PLUS  Wet Wrapping can help reduce the duration & frequency of treatment with steroids!

They can be worn under your child's normal clothing during or day or pyjamas of a night.

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What to avoid.

  • Wool – although wool is a natural fiber is it too hard on eczema prone skin.
  • Synthetic fabrics – they do not allow the skin to breath.
  • Over dressing – to not put too many layers or blankets on your little eczema bubba.


love & happiness

Anna x

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 **Disclaimer: Information provided in this post is only based on experience and should not replace the advice you have been given from a medical professional and if you are at all worried about your child, take them to see your family doctor.

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