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How to Wet Wrap

How to Wet Wrap

Wet wrapping is an absolute lifesaver for us when Miss 3’s Eczema flares up. Wet wrappings help to cool and protect hot and inflamed skin as well as protect it from further damage.

Miss 3 is an almost a habitual scratcher as she falls asleep – which causes bleeding and often infections on her hand and feet. As soon as I feel her skin is warm, I spy blood on her sheets, or her itching begins to interrupt her sleep, I pull out the Tubifast garments and wrap the inflamed areas to protect them and allow them some time to heal.

As we are heading into the cooler months when many people's Eczema can be more problematic, I thought that this post would be a timely reminder about Wet Wrapping.
How to Wet Wrap 

  1. Get all the gear together – your steroid cream, a thick moisturiser (I use an Epaderm Ointment – it is thick and spreads easy and can also be added to her bath) Tubifast or Tubifast Garments, and some comfortable, breathable pyjamas to pop on afterwards.
  2. Bathe your little one in tepid bath water using your normal bath oils, again I simply add some ointment to her bath water.
  3. Towel dry by patting leaving the skin moist.
  4. Apply steroid/cortisone cream to inflamed areas as directed by your doctor.
  5. Apply a good thick coat of moisturiser to parts of the body to be wet wrapped.
  6. Wet the Tubifast in warm water, squeeze out excess water and apply to the body where you have moisturised.
  7. Apply a second layer of Tubifast or Tubifast Garments and then pop your child’s pyjamas over the top.

I prefer to use Tubifast Garments – I find them so much easier & QUICKER to apply – they have built in mittens and covered feet which protect the areas most scratched. They are also easier to wash and store. I was forever having to buy new Tubifast as I had cut pieces to the wrong length, or lost them in the washing! My love for these outfits and my first hand experience in just how much time you will save using them is the reason we stock them!

Download the Mem & Maeve FREE how to wet wrap guide here >> click here.

Do you have any top Eczema Management Tips to share? We’d love to hear them!
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**Disclaimer: Information provided in this post is only based on experience and should not replace the advice you have been given from a medical professional and if you are at all worried about your child, take them to see your family doctor.

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