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Mem & Maeve Organic Cotton Onesies

Mem & Maeve Organic Cotton Onesies

We love the Pea Fritters Bloga place to share allergy and intolerance friendly food and tales of motherhood. This month Ruth from Pea Fritters reviewed our very own Mem & Maeve Organic Cotton Onesies and Little Innoscents Intensive Moisturiser. Here is what she had to say.

Allergies and eczema often go hand in hand. For us, it has been one of the first signs that all was not well with our little ones. Our daughter had eczema at her joints which settled once we were able to eliminate her allergens. Our son sadly got eczema in the nappy area if he or I had wheat. I have friends with little ones who have such severe eczema that they are being managed by immunologists and dermatologists, they are on creams and steroids, they can only wear cotton and have to be so careful with what they are exposed to.  Allergies after all, aren’t just food. For a couple of Australian mums, their experience of eczema and allergies was the motivation to set up Mem and Maeve, an allergy friendly online store which stocks environmentally conscious, socially conscious and fashionable products for babies and toddlers.

The girls at Mem and Maeve have just launched their very own signature label of organic AND fair trade 100% cotton baby onesies! Woohoo! I don’t know about you, but when I hear organic and fair trade in the same sentence I pretty much assume that only people like Oprah can afford it. But these amazingly high quality onesies are super crazy affordable at $15.00!! Thank the fashion gods!!!

When my little guy (doing his first fashion shoot here!) was tiny, before we got a hold on what was going on (turns out he had major tongue tie, food allergies and intolerances going on plus being born a bit early. Phew!), he was an absolute spew machine. I was covered in spew, he was covered in spew. We went through outfit after outfit. Knowing there is an affordable alternative to the over gendered and chemical filled clothing that is mainstream is such wonderful peace of mind. If these were around 1.5 years ago, I know what I would’ve been putting on my baby shower wish list!

These Mem and Maeve organic onesies come in 4 beautiful colours: Papaya, Basil (pictured), Plum and Dandelion. Perfect for little girls and little boys (awesome if you end up having a pigeon pair like we did!). And how refreshing to be able to dress my son in something other than blue stripes! Yes he does look gorgeous in blue, he got his daddy’s sparkly blue eyes, but it can feel a bit disappointing to pretty much be limited to blue and brown when it comes to baby boys fashion. Hurray for colour!!

I was curious to see what the quality of the make and fabric would be like but I was so amazed at how soft this onesie was both pre wash and post wash. I remember opening up the parcel and nearly forcing the onesie onto hubby’s face telling him “it’s so freaking soft!! Touch it!! Touch it!!”. The seams and stitching are super solid and soft, there’s no loose threads anywhere. The snaps actually all snap as they should (the number of times there’s a dud one when shopping at chain stores…). There’s even the beautiful Mem and Maeve logo printed into them too! Super cute!

The fit was perfect on my little man, who is now 17 months. If you have a bigger bub, I would go up a size as these are a more slim/petite fit. The Mem and Maeve organic and fair trade onesies are made in sizes 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m and 12-18m.

In the same bundle for me to test out, was the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream ($10.99). Renee wrote me a little note outlining some of the uses for this wonder cream. It’s a combo of shea butter, calendula and rosewood essential oil and can be used for cradle cap, insect bites, nappy rash, eczema and minor wounds. I got super excited when I read it could be used on insect bites!! My kids skin is pretty awesome at the moment, but I am an absolute mozzie magnet. I went outside for literally 2 minutes to put a pooey nappy in the rubbish bin and came inside sporting 3 new mozzie bites on my elbows. WTF!! I thought I would give the cream a go. In the name of science I even took before and after shots. Well 30 minutes later and the bites were gone. Amazing!! Fast forward a week to a friends birthday party and within 10 minutes of being there I am having trouble concentrating due to the insane itch from over 10 bites on my feet and ankles. I excuse myself and drive home to go get my magic cream. Phew! Success! I am able to have a fun night out without trying to cut off both my legs. The cream (and my special repellant essential oil) ended up getting passed around the party to other mozzie victims. So sorry, I can’t tell you much about how this was with the kids as they didn’t really need it this week! But I have been so so so so grateful to have it in my handbag. Hopefully we are able to keep the kids diet’s in check enough that we won’t need to use it on any sore skin spots. Fingers crossed!

So to summarise… things I love about the Mem and Maeve Organic Fair Trade Onesie:

  • Beautifully soft
  • Incredibly well made
  • Not gender specific
  • Amazing price
  • Organic AND fair trade
  • Mumma run business

And what do I love about the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream:

  • It rubs in really well
  • Not greasy
  • Smells nice
  • Organic
  • Not just a bum cream
  • Suitable for little bubs, big kids and grown ups
  • Helped hugely with my mozzie bites (I will send out the before and after pics to my newsletter peeps, don’t want pictures of my elbows on the internets hahaha).

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